some stories have sad endings.

one saturday…

evening prayer.
rest in gratitude.
there is always something to be thankful for.

madrid almost-summer.
this is 830pm. i really like it. (at Madrid)

final week in goya 110.
this is my apartment right now.. at its “peak” of ummm… chaos. (at Calle Goya)

this greeting card is very honest.

and so am i.

the painting is now in a frame and is so beautiful. it is ready to move to my apartment.

today we had some cokes at plaza mayor, walked around, ate some sweets, decided to drive to toledo tomorrow.

unless of course portuguese changes his mind… (at Gran Vía)

look what happens with a love like that…


more than anyone on the earth.

#capones (at Capones Island)

at Capones Island

chasing impossible things.

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La Roja/La Selección y Fernando Torres. <3
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